Pheromones In Your Cologne

Are you a man looking for the best pheromones in cologne? Many men these days often wonder what it takes to actually attract the woman of their dreams closer to them with a single scent of seduction. Pheromones in cologne are no different from this. They allow men to have more confidence in themselves before they invoke in conversations with women they are getting to know better.

Favorite Pheromone Colognes

Here are some of my favorite Pheromones in Cologne:

Pherazone: Pherazone is my favorite pheromone scent and I get a lot of compliments on it. It really does put women at ease and it works great for an effective icebreaker to attract them closer to you.

Max Attraction: Max attraction is a potent pheromone cologne for men that really does what it says it does. It comes in a portable spray that is quite lovely. I also use this one as well. Another great favorite here.

Chikara Cologne: Wow. Chikara cologne is a light pheromone cologne that puts women more comfortable around you. People have said that it actually makes me more friendly around them. I actually like this.

Primal Instinct Pheromones: Primal instinct pheromone is an oil based pheromone solution that I would recommend using sparingly on the pulse point for optimal methods of attraction to women. If you like oil-based pheromones that work great, then this one is for you…

Pheromone Cologne Reviews

These pheromone colognes have a tendency to drive women crazy for you due to the pure pheromone contents that they have in them. Most pheromones come with Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androstadienone. It has never been a better time for men to ultimately experience the scent of attraction in life. Women love the idea of a great smelling to captivate their minds with passion, allure, and romance. Learn more at

My experience by using pheromones with colognes have been quite successful. I wish just would have known this in my earlier years. I am sure things would have turned out different for me. Now I have accepted the strategic scent of attraction and I use it to my benefit when I go out in public. Especially in the evenings.

Androstenone is the leading pheromone substance. Most products will have androstenone in them since androstenone has been proven to work. A lot of users and forum feedback fully support androstenone heavy products. In my experience, the best product with lots of androstenone or for the “alpha male aura” is Alpha 7.